Sunday, May 22, 2011


There are times when you want to be left alone,
There are times when you want to hurt yourself.

There are times when you don’t care, about the way you look, about that messed up hair,
You’re just sitting in your empty room, on your wobbly chair.

There are times when you’re searching for silence,
But unable to find it, only because your mind begins to rattle,
With thoughts you never wished would come by.

When you’re looking deep down into the sky,
Searching for something that was always yours to find,
But you don’t have enough time,
That’s when you think love is impossible to find.

When you’re gulping down the cold wine,
Thinking about whats on your mind, but the answer is difficult to find,
That’s when you think people were never by your side.

When you hear something that’s broken inside,
Something happens, and you suddenly wish you should give it one more try.
That’s when you know, success requires more than just time!

When you remember all those rough times, with a wish that you could conquer them once more,
That’s when you know, somethings can be overcome only with people on your side!

That’s when the mind stops rattling, and a sense of cam sets in.
That’s when you realize, some people stood by you when you were alone.
And that’s when you realize, your mind has stopped thinking, and the heart has taken over.

You may be lonely, but you are never alone. :)


It is important to feel the aloneness, and equally important to not take people who’re standing by you for granted.