Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hey guys!

This is where i start. After giving it a thought for quite a while, and giving up a number of times, i'm finally here with my blog. This is where i ramble about any random thought that comes to my mind. This is where i shout. 

Its been almost three months since i joined Twitter, and it has been one Helluva journey. From being twitter-atheist to being person with almost 75 tweets per day, my journey has been a blitzkrieg! And i must say, i've been tweeting like hell only because of the amazing people i follow on twitter. Even though the first few days were boring as hell and i kept ranting about what a fucked up place twitter is, things started becoming interesting when i started following some amazing people with amazing/witty/humorous/screwed-up/mysterious views on random things. Views that made me think, laugh and enjoy!! And mind you, none of them were the usual good for nothing celebrities who used twitter as a means of promotion of their utter nonsensical run of the mill bullshit movies and albums. They were all writers, columnists, bloggers, successful businessmen and all such people who had a successful life. The "been-there-done-that" kinds.

And that was when i joined in, with what i wanted to share, in ways and words i never knew had existed within me. Still, i wasn't satisfied. Something was missing. There was a certain sense of urge within me, to reach out, to follow more people, and be followed by more people. 

Thats when i started following and got followed by people who came from the common spheres of life. A loser/Struggler/yet-to-do-anything-worthwhile but on the way to something, always chasing something. People whom i could really connect with. Thats where all the fun started, thoughts and ideas were exchanged, new things were learnt and an exhilarating insomnia was experienced. And enjoyable sleepless nights were had. 

And the more i got to know them, the more i got inspired to write my own blog. 

This being my first blog post, i decided to write about what i felt about twitter and the amazing people i follow. 
I am not giving out any names, you guys will know if i am talking about you. You are the guys i interact with. If you're disappointed with this, you do have your own blog, go ahead crib about it there!!! :D 

Right now, i have absolutely no idea what i am going to write about. But i have made a start. I might think of some new ideas and I might steal some ideas. Whatever the topic. So, it will be utter uselessness on your part to make a fuss about it if you've already read about any of my ideas in some other blog. 

One thing you can be assured of is that whatever i write about the idea, will me mine, neither stolen nor inspired.  

If this blog looks a little amateur, which it obviously will, do point it out. If your suggestion is worthwhile, i might listen!! 


  1. Good work. Waiting for the next post :)

  2. Nicely written!

    Makes a nice change to read a clean blog after reading through my *F* filled one! :P

    Way to go dude!

  3. a worthwhile corection( u betr read dis): 2nd last stanza "will me mine" make it "will be mine"

    baki tu tune thik hi likha hai....

  4. @ @njali Thanks!! For being the first one. :)

    @rohneet: thanks man!

    @implusivivator: Glad you liked it. won't be a clean one the next time though! :)

    @tanmay: :-/