Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why do women expect so much from men and vice versa!

Now this is a question which all men and women are faced with. And the answer is always biased and never conclusive.  So firstly, don’t expect me to give you an answer to such utterly inconclusive bullshit cuz I’ll be the last one to care about. I’m just going to leave this post open ended and let you decide for yourself. And again, being a guy I’m obviously biased. No matter how hard I try. Even the die hard Capricorn Diplomat in me fails to do so. 

It’s a general tendency among women, that a men should read their mind. It’s a very huge thing to ask, and men miserably fail at it. I think the only reason behind it is that men tend to think logically. Now before you go “Oh-Don’t-Give-Me-That-Logic-Shit” on me, let me tell you, this post is written on the assumption that MEN ARE PRACTICAL and WOMEN ARE EMOTIONAL. I’m kind of generalizing it a bit if you consider today’s scenario, but its still a majority. So you're free to disagree with this basic assumption and save your already useless time by not reading any further.

Now going back to the reason, what I think is that men treat women like men and try to gauge their mindset by reading the linear logic of the interaction and basing their conclusions on that, because that’s how they correctly analyze interactions with other men. So, even when they are using their linear logical analysis flawlessly, it doesn't help because they are approaching the job with the wrong tools.

Women being emotional are able to read other people’s emotions much more easily and expect men to do the same. This is like asking men to wear a tiara and flaunt it like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them. 

This is how the logic/emotion thing works:

                          Why why why???? 


I thought for a very long time about how men expect too much from women, couldn’t think of any. Then I thought why not google it?? And this is what I got:


It seems women are busy bitching among themselves and about themselves!!!!  

But all said and done, we can’t blame women, can we? Women being the physically weaker sex, they need to compensate for this physical weakness by being better in other areas, like reading and manipulating emotions. Women didn’t have the legal and societal protections they have now. They were subject to the whims and physical brutalities of the men they encountered.

And thanks to our society where everyone is assumed to share the same strengths and weaknesses, we are less likely than ever to consider that some people are just naturally built for some things and some people naturally aren't.

Nobody’s perfect.

 (*Damn! I’m a bloody diplomatic asshole!!!)

Topic credit: NothingMan
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  1. its realy a short 1 but prety gud...i like d google part :P

  2. The post has just the right length :D

    Well written, too.

    My 2 paise, men and women were never meant to understand each other, we were just meant to 'try' to understand. That's all there is to it :)

    Rock on!

    Write more!



  3. @nothingman and @tanmay: Glad you liked it. I'll try better next time.

  4. Ha Ha!! Awesome.. both the pics made the difference!!

  5. @diablo: The second pic was purely accidental!! :D

  6. its funny.... specially google part...
    jst one ting,
    u should replace dis line
    "No matter how hard I try."
    "M nt gonna try 4 dis."
    bcoz its sooooo clear dat u r not trying to nt to get biased.... :D:D:D

  7. @sheetal: You're so right.... :D I'm not surprised you figured it out!! Thanks for commenting! :)